Eine total verrückte Weihnachtsgeschichte | von Julia und ihren LIPlingen

Eine total verrückte Weihnachtsgeschichte

von Julia und ihren LIPlingen


„Im Rahmen der Englisch-Lernbegleitung entstand diese Geschichte in einer großartigen Zusammenarbeit. Meine Idee war folgende: Meine Schüler*innen schreiben gemeinsam eine Geschichte. Damit aber nicht jeder viel zu viel schreibt, begrenzte ich das ganze auf jeweils 2 Sätze pro Kind. Dabei setzte ein Schüler fort, was der Schüler vor ihm geschrieben hat. Das Ganze entwickelte eine faszinierende Eigendynamik,  die ich niemals erwartet hätte. Ich gab keine weiteren Vorgaben, half lediglich beim Übersetzen. Was dabei herausgekommen ist, können Sie lesen.
Obwohl die Schüler*innen sich alle gegenseitig nicht kennen, entstand dennoch ein schönes Gemeinschaftswerk. Ich bin stolz auf jeden einzelnen von ihnen und darauf, was sie alle bisher erreicht haben. Ich wünsche mir, dass sie diese Energie und Kreativität auch außerhalb von LIP übertragen und diese auch an Sie weitergeben!“


Once upon a time there was a foxy fox named Jingle and his best friend Max (he was a fox too), who loved to play in their fox’s burrow. One Monday morning something strange happened.
Someone knocked on the door. He said:
  “Christmas is coming, and I desperately need your help!”

Confused but still quite curiously, the two friends opened the door.
It was Santa Claus! The foxes were very excited, because Santa was actually standing right in front of them. It seemed like a dream come true! Unfortunately, his nice elves became ill. That’s why Santa Claus needs help with handing out the Christmas presents. The foxes were very happy and agreed to help him. They went outside to Santa’s sleigh.

At first the two tiny foxes tried to get in the golden shining sleigh, but they weren’t able to do it. Suddenly there was a big white fat snowman, who blocked the way and it seemed like he didn’t want to move.

Santa said:
  “Let’s sing a song, maybe the snowman will melt then!”
  “Yes, let’s go!”, the foxes answered thrilled.

So, they sang a Christmas song and the snowman melted away.

 “Now we can finally fly off!”, Jingle said.

Then the foxes and Santa jumped in the sleigh and started their journey.

They were flying for almost three hours, when they realized that the sleigh was shaking and they’re losing height. Santa reacted quickly and started mumbling magic spells, but nothing happened- they were about to crash! But luckily Santa’s reindeers came to the rescue. They took the command, slowed the sleigh down and prevented an accident. Phew!

When they finally arrived at Santas house, they were really relieved. However, the three couldn’t believe their eyes, because Santas house looked rundown and destroyed.

The foxes asked:
“What happened here?”
One of the sick elves answered:
„There was a huge storm! Everything is wrecked!”
  “Damn! How should we fix that?”, Santa asked. Max answered:
 “We have to improvise!”
“I have an idea!”, Jingle said. “Why don’t try to find some of the remains of the house and repair it!” Everyone nodded but one of the elves said:
  “What about gaining some power first by drinking my self-made tea?”

So they drank the delicious tea, repaired the house with new energy suddenly the foxes, Santa felt quite exhausted and settled down for a short rest. They slept for a long time and when they woke up, the sleigh was already ready to fly off and loaded with hundreds of presents.
Santa put his Christmas coat on and said delighted:

“Let’s go, foxes! We have to hand out presents!”
After they had flown off they met an angel. The angel asked:
  “Should I help you, Santa?”
Santa and the foxes nodded happily.
“Yes, that would be great!”
“So what shall I do?”
After a few seconds of thinking Max said:
“Could you put a spell on the sleigh so that we can fly faster?”
  “Sure, why not!”, the angle answered smiling.
“But before I can do that, I’ll need something from you!”
Jingle asked:
“Alright, what do you want?”
The Angel’s face got sad and he answered:
“I don’t have a name yet, so I’d like you to give me one!”
Santa and the foxes discussed a while and then they gave him a name:
The angel was very pleased.
  “Wow, finally I have a name! Now I can give you a boost for your sleigh!”

They arrived in Berlin and handed out the presents. After that they flew on. But Santa had eaten too many cookies, so that he suddenly had to sneeze. At the same time his beard fell off and a mice face came to light – Santa Mouse?!

The foxes looked a little confused at Santa. After a while everybody started to laugh and Jingle said giggling:
  “Okay, Santa Mouse! Let’s hand out the Christmas presents and then we’ll go home and enjoy our wonderful well-deserved Christmas-Dinner.”